VoIP and SRST/AES Encryption!

May 5th, 2009

Encryption of VoIP traffic was, for some of us a humorous concept. I remembered as a young development professional how much fun it was to use a packet sniffer to capture the bosses packets and reassemble his email over the LAN. Years before that when I worked at the phone company as a central office test engineer, it was not uncommon to find an interesting phone call and plug it into the over head paging system to provide entertainment for […]


VoIP and Microsoft Outlook Integration?

April 15th, 2009

Does your Microsoft Outlook Integrate with your phone system?   This functionality is getting to be the “minimum daily adult requirement” feature in the VoIP vendor space.   We all just expect that our phone system “knows” about our “contacts”.   We don’t dial phone numbers anymore!  We enter Names and the phones system gets the number out of our contact list and places the call.  Often, an incoming phone call to our desktop, will cause our contact information to be displayed.    Some […]


LLDP-MED speeds ShoreTel VoIP installations!

March 30th, 2009

Using a VoIP phone system and installing one, are two entirely different user experiences!  Most product development efforts focus necessarily on end user features and benefits. Anyone who has ever installed a VoIP system knows that if design engineers ever actually installed a system we would have a range of exciting new configuration automation tools! Case in point: LLDP. Until version 9, ShoreTel IP phone deployment was a two step process. First you would install your handsets on the net and […]


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