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Amazon Connect - OutboundDialer API voice answer detect?


"When using this function is "positive answer supervision" returned so that we know if a call has been answered? Is there VAD (voice answer detect)?" - As per our documentation in link [1], the number is dialed for a period of 60 seconds. On a call successfully being answered, only the contact ID of the call is returned in the response. This then allows you to monitor the specific call within your connect instance. On a failed call however (if the call dials for 60 seconds with no answer), the API simply fails. Error handling is recommended to catch these failures. "Can we tell the difference between a TAM and a Human?" - Currently this functionality in not supported on this API. If a call is answered by a voice mailing service or TAM, it is treated as a connected call and will return a Contact ID as if it was any other call. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the information I have provided, or if I have misunderstood your question in any way, and I will do my best to assist further. I am always happy to help. Have a great day. [1] StartOutboundVoiceContact -

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