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Amazon Connect - how is call back treated as a metric



How is a call back treated as it relates to Metrics
It’s my understanding that you wish to know if there’s a way to delete a contact from Connect, the short answer to this is unfortunately not at this moment in time. I've submitted the request to the Service team to let them know there is customer demand for this feature. Since product roadmaps are not shared with Premium Support, I cannot tell you if this is something that the Service team is going to implement or give you an ETA if they do plan to. New features are typically announced on our blogs linked at [1] and [2]. I also understand that you wish to know how call backs are treated metric wise, I’ve provided a link below at [3] which outlines how queued callbacks appear in your real-time metrics reports and the contact trace record. To provide you with some context around this, as per the public documentation, "callbacks are initiated when the Transfer to queue block transfers the initial contact to a callback queue. The callback is then placed in the queue. It remains there until an agent is available and can be offered the contact. When the callback is connected to the agent, a new CTR is created for the contact. The Initiation Timestamp in the callback CTR corresponds to when the Transfer to queue block transferred the contact to a callback queue." I've also provided an example of a queued callback flow and a review of how the CTRs along with their metadata and times are set for it at [4] using different scenarios. I hope that this provides you with some more clarity around your query, if you have any further queries or concerns please feel free to reach out once more. Have a great day ahead! Resources: [1] Whats New -  [2] Blog -  [3]  [4]

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