“White Box” Technical Support for Resellers!

From time to time you may find your internal resources stretched, or the boundaries of your expertise tested. Why suffer declining customer satisfaction and increasing TAC utilization scores when qualified talent is a phone call away? Many “telephone system” trouble tickets end up being something related to the network, firewall, the carrier or a desktop application. You still get the call and your reputation is still “on the line”.

Over 100K VoIP Desktop Deployments of Experience!

We are fully qualified on iPBX, Contact Center, Mobility, Conference Server, SIP and Ingate.  As CISCO certified Switching, Routing and Security engineers, we can handle VLAN,  ASA and Firewall, QoS, and all things WAN. Our case management system will not only keep you informed, it will open a priority place in our TAC center. For less than lunch at Micky D’s, we can provide you your own DID number into our TAC center, and provide technical support in your name on a private label basis. You can do a “warm hand off” of your client, or have them call your DID directly. In either case you will get quality Third Tier VoIP technical support from a technical support resource with over 100K VoIP desktop deployments of experience!

What we can do for you

voip support

In addition to top level technical support for ShoreTel, CISCO, Asterisk and 3CX, you can tap our assistance for the following computer network issues:

  • Pre-Sales support to your sales team! (Engineering for equipment configuration, application requirements)
  • QoS, VoIP Network Assessments,  Network Security and Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Remote deployment of Contact Center or iPBX (design, database, call flow, scripting, voice artist)
  • Active Directory, Custom Dial Rules
  • VMware, Hyper-V, colocation and “cloud” planning for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Training and Distance Learning solutions for User, System Administration, Agent and Supervisor training
  • Custom IVR applications (screen pops, route calls based on account number, web dialer, etc.)
  • Change Management, System upgrade and backup/restore cloud based solutions
  • Contact Center design and scripting for ShoreTel ECC and CISCO UCCX
  • CISCO ASA Firewall, IDS and IPS configuration and trouble shooting
  • SIP SBC Configuration for ShoreTel, CISCO and others

Fix your cost to provide VoIP and Networking Support!

The cost of adding a ShoreTel, CISCO or Microsoft Certified Engineer to your team, including salary and benefits, may be more than you are prepared to underwrite at this time. DrVoIP can help you grow your business without straining your company financially or stressing your client base. Certified Engineering and Quality Technical Support is our only product and we do not compete with our clients. Our wholesale rate for technical support can be as low as $70 an hour and are set by a prepaid block purchase!

DrVoIP TAC Reseller Rate Card (All Rates are Pre-paid)

Call and ask for reseller pricing: 1-800-946-6127

Ask us about setting up a “Your Company Name Here” TAC program
in which we provide you a local DID that rings into the Technical Assistance Center and is answered by a branded voice prompt, “You have reached YOUR COMPANY NAME technical assistance center.” All tickets are tracked and reported by our online support portal and you are copied on each incident report, result, status and resolution!

Contact DrVoIP at 702-553-2706 #115