Will Technology Kill the Call Center?

October 17th, 2012

We recently posted a blog on how smart phones could be used to bypass automated attendants and deep dial into a call center with a Smartphone visual menu.   This  blog received a lot of interest and the follow on questions clearly indicated a level of interest in just how technology impacts the traditional call center.    The “call center” is now the  “contact center”!   Customers are calling more frequently from mobile devices and less frequently from land lines.   What does that mean to your contact center?   Have you integrated your website with your Contact Center?  Can clients who visit your “online store”,  hit a chat link and interact with the next available customer service representative?  Are you formatting webpages for both the full size computer screen as well as the Smartphone screen?   Technology is shaping the channels or touch points that your customers use to interact with your company and your call center will most undoubtedly go through a significant change in the very near future.

Will Technology kill the call center?  Ashley Furness CRM Analyst for  Software Advice, Austin Texas,  hosted an online panel discussion to seek answers to the questions impacting the current transition of forward thinking contact centers.   She asked industry experts: How have you seen consumer contact channel utilization change in the last decade?  What role has technology played in this change?  How do you see technology impacting the way customers contact a company in the future, and the kind of service they receive?  Finally, Will technology eventually render call centers irrelevant?

These are very interesting subjects for those who have responsibility for managing customer experience, satisfaction and fulfillment.   Industry participants from Avaya (Customer Experience), Drumbi (mobile), IntelliResponse (Virtual Agents), and Etech Global (Chat Services)discuss these questions and provide expert insight.   These experts do in fact answer the question “Will technology Kill the Call Center” and the panel discussion is well worth viewing!

7 responses to “Will Technology Kill the Call Center?”

  1. According to me technology will never kill the call centers because call centers are the popular means of earning

  2. I don’t think that technology will kill call centers. In-fact i believe that the enhancements in technology will further improve the performance of cal centers and make them more beneficial for organizations. I think it will actually help them in growing.

  3. michael says:

    same here. no matter how sophisticated technology is, someone has to explain it to the layman. that will never change. good article.

  4. mark says:

    Thanks for the great blog on “Will Technology Kill the Call Center?”. I own a Seattle Washington Call Center company. I’m sure my employees and I will learn a lot from what you’ve posted here. Keep up the good work.visit us @ http://www.outsourcingpros.com/Seattle-washington-call-center/34

  5. I’m not sure – I think that even if technology gets really sophisticated – there will still be a place for well-trained, courteous, and knowledgeable call-center professionals….

  6. No, technology will not kill the call center. Certain technologies (examples holdfree.com iappcare.com sococare.com) provide overlay applications that can EXTEND the life of contact center infrastucture. This includes intelligent routing and concierge services (not just robo deep-dialers that ruin IVR containment) that provide intelligent queueing and visual cues, InApp modules for sentiment feedback and private message channels to aid agent/customer communicaion, and NLP-enabled social engagement.

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