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How Can VoIP Be Used As Part Of Your Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Though you may not like to factor it in, the fact is that organizations all the world need to start thinking about disaster management. Natural disasters are becoming more and more common as are man made ones like terrorist attacks. As a small business, you need to evaluate your needs and the needs of your consumers and work toward ensuring that even in case of any disaster, your services will be up and running in no time. Businesses using VoIP telecommunication services are much more capable of disaster recovery strategies and solutions than other traditional phone system using companies.

Plug to Use

One of the best features of VoIP phone systems is that you can simply disconnect the phone from one location and plug it in at any other location as long as a high speed internet connection is available.

In case of outages or disasters that you could not factor in, one way to use VoIP phone systems for disaster recovery is to simply unplug the phone and set your employees up at alternate locations. Of course, this might not be very possible when you consider that you might have to leave the location within a moment’s notice.

External Numbers

Most VoIP phone systems have the feasibility of using their extensions and internal numbers through an external phone number. Thanks to the unified features for messaging and unified inboxes, employees can even access their VoIP network from an external phone as well. In case of such a disaster or outage, the PSTN would take care of all the calls but the VoIP phone system’s network will be notified.

Reconfiguring Employees

In another scenario, if the building that you are housed in has been evacuated, you may be able to access the VoIP system remotely through a web interface and reconfigure all your employees at an alternate location. This way you can work your VoIP telephone systems into your disaster recovery program and ensure that your communications system are up and running within minutes of a disaster or crisis situation.

Back Up Databases

Seamless continuation of a telecommunication system is possible as long as a few steps are taken beforehand. Another important thing to consider in terms of a disaster recovery strategy is that if you are using a premises based VoIP system and not a more convenient hosted PBX one, you need to back up and recover all your data systems as well as networks that are to be used for VoIP. In order to ensure that recovery of systems is conducted as soon as possible after a disaster, you need to make certain that any database is replicated at the distributor’s premises.

The primary focus is that in the event of anything untoward, your business remains available for clients who may or may not be affected by the same circumstances. Creating VoIP disaster recovery strategy is of utmost importance and VoIP systems can be easily worked into your existent disaster recovery plan.

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