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How VoIP Helps You Cut Down Telecommunication Expenses

VoIP has taken the world of business telecommunications by storm. In the recent years, small businesses have switched from conventional phone systems to VoIP phone systems using Internet to place calls over long distances as well as local areas.

Why has VoIP gained so much in popularity? The answer is simply the many advantages that VoIP has to offer to small businesses. VoIP is a highly affordable telecommunications solution that offers many other benefits as well.

Highly Cost Effective!

Small businesses have a certain part of their budget devoted to telecommunications needs. With VoIP solutions, your communication costs reduce significantly. Statistics show that you can decrease your local call expense up to 50% and international as well as long distance calls expenditure up to a whopping 90%! Since telephone lines are not used, and the call is sent across over the virtual network, the cost of VoIP solutions is a bare minimum and you can make almost free, unlimited calls to numbers all across the country or to any part of the world.

Low Cost – Installation, Operation & Upgrades!

When you switch to VoIP, you will not have to worry about high initial start up costs or upgrades. When done by professionals, VoIP installation is hassle free and quick. Upgrades are software based and inexpensive. The last thing that you need to worry about while running a small business is added infrastructure or equipment costs. The focus is on reducing expenses while increasing efficiency. VoIP is the answer to this need.

With VoIP, you are slashing your telephone bills by more than half. If you have made any long distance & international calls using your telephone lines, you will have a fair idea of what a large chunk you will be saving on them! The money you save on voice communication needs can be routed elsewhere to expand your business and run it more efficiently.

Features & Benefits

VoIP solutions also offer many features and benefits like advanced call forwarding and extension dialing. You will have the feasibility of integrating your communications platforms like email, voice mail as well as fax. This unified inbox allows you to manage all your communications needs easily. A dedicated virtual receptionist is another feature that will allow you to project a better and more centralized portrait of your small business.

Your customers will never have to wait and get bored while you put them on hold. VoIP systems have a unique functionality that allows you to record messages that you wish your customers would listen to while they wait. You can also simply play soothing music or upbeat tones depending on your likes. When a customer is left to listen to dead space, your chances of a sale are reduced by 30% within seconds!

Cost effective VoIP phone systems have an incredible number of features that will be beneficial to your organization and you will not have to pay anything extra for these features either!

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