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Advanced Call Distribution – Easy To Manage & Monitor

One of the many benefits that small businesses can avail while using VoIP services is ACD or Advanced Call Distribution. VoIP phone systems have a plethora of benefits and these are all aimed at ensuring that you are able to make and receive calls in the easiest possible way, ensuring efficiency as well as being cost effective. Most small businesses have made the move to VoIP phone systems due to the benefits that are associated with it.

ACD Benefits

Advanced call distribution is a solution for all call center routing and queuing woes. VoIP small business phone systems are geared toward ensuring that all calls are properly routed to the desired extensions in the minimum possible time.

One of the main concerns when your business has calls coming through is that due to the volume of calls, there are times when a customer has to be placed on hold. Studies show that the longer a customer is placed on hold, the more the chances of a sale and a satisfied customer begins to dip. In fact, it is seen that the chances of having a satisfied customer and a successful call fall by about 30% if a customer is placed on a dead hold! VoIP systems have many features that make certain that a client is not left to deal with the sound of nothingness when placed on hold. You can import greetings and play chosen music and even pre-recorded messages to keep a customer engaged while they are on hold.

Customizable & Easy To Manage

Even in a situation like this placing a customer on hold for too long is detrimental for business. There are many options for sophisticated call distribution. There is a highly customizable interface that allows you to dictate where the calls need to be routed to, find out which call attendant can receive the call at the earliest and even creating call queues with pre-set hold time limits. If a pre-set limit is not in place, chances are high that a customer who has faithfully waited on hold will face a voice mail box.

Better Routing & Queuing

With advanced call distribution features in VoIP phone systems, you can rest assured that the caller will be directed to an attendant at the earliest in the least possible hold time. You can even customize the call queuing mechanism to state the queue position that any caller is in periodically so as to keep the customer engaged on the call and make the process of waiting a little less cumbersome and painful.

Ensuring Satisfaction

Advanced caller distribution services in VoIP also ensure that the process of monitoring and managing all calls is made easier and clearer. Even if a call is dropped into voice mail, this feature will ensure that the voice mail message is sent across to one or more than one email address as an attached audio message. This way you will be able to monitor whether a call was dropped or the customer/attendant hung up. This ensures greater client satisfaction.

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