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Free VoIP Training Videos: For The VoIP Community!

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Free VoIP Training Videos by DrVoIP

go a long way in helping you understand the basics about ShoreTel systems and IP phones. These videos are completely free of charge and with no strings attached. The tips that you will learn from these videos will make your phone systems easy to understand and operate! While you might wonder that nothing comes for free, there is another adage that tells you to count your blessings! These videos are absolutely free and the tips in the videos are very useful for those with ShoreTel systems.

Tips & Tricks

Free VoIP Training Videos by DrVoIP are the best videos freely available that give you an insight into the ShoreTel systems. They provide you with tips; tricks and much more to get the most out of your systems. We are a full service VoIP installation, support and training telephony company. Our free videos have the most updated and authentic knowledge available at your finger tips! It is our aim to support the VoIP community and videos like these help to display the advantages of a system that makes business communication easy and more intriguing.

Quick Learning

ShoreTel on the other hand, is easily one of the top telephony systems provider and Unified Communications giant. The Free VoIP Training Videos are aimed at making ShoreTel’s IPBX system and Call Center systems easier to understand and make use of. These videos are created keeping in mind that time is money! In a few short moments, you will learn something new about your systems that will ensure that you can get more out of it.

Updated Content

The videos display the latest information about the new ShoreTel 12. Some of them help you understand the basics of distributed workgroups, virtualization, replication of databases and more. There are videos that will give you tips on how to better your ShoreTel system. You will learn how to format your company’s ShoreTel WAV files as well as move your ShoreTel Enterprise Call Center (ECC) to the cloud.

New features of ShoreTel and other systems that you might not have known about are discussed and you get a visual guide on what you can do and to go about doing it! All of this is absolutely free! Understand the dynamics of ShoreTel & Cisco systems on VSphere as well as using features like the Active Directory and Twin Lines in your ShoreTel system. For all those tech savvy people who have been trying to link their Apple iPhone and their ShoreTel system, Free VoIP Training Videos by DrVoIP show you how you can use your Apple iPhone as a ShoreTel SIP extension!

Make The Most Of It!

While DrVoIP has a large video library with detailed tutorials on every ShoreTel topic under the sun, this section of videos comes as a good news to those who aren’t sure if these videos can help them. Using these Free VoIP Training Videos by DrVoIP will enrich your ShoreTel experience by a large extent!



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